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Structure Labs, LLC, is a full service structural engineering consulting firm capable of assisting with all types of buildings,  structures and design.   


Our understanding of engineering design, current building codes and our successful experience with hundreds of construction projects give us an edge in designing cost effective, sound and practical designs.   We work with owners, architects, engineers and contractors which helps us to understand the construction industry to offer insight and direction with structural solutions.   When engineers are inexperienced or overconservative it creates expensive buildings or solutions - let us help your project by creating efficient designs, creative solutions and solving your design problems.


We strive for the highest quality drawings and documents which are achieved through our attention to detail, thorough coordination and drive to exceed our clients expectations.   We will actively make it our priority to meet your goals, budgets, deadlines and expectations.  


Stephen V. LaBriola, P.E.
Licenced in PA, NJ, DE, NY, MO, ME, FL, IA
NCEES Membership
Drexel University, B.S. Architectural Engineering

During my Junior high and high school years my family took me to week long service projects where we fixed up delapidated homes in the appalachian area.  I look back and see those moments as seeds that started my love for homes, buildings, structures and architecture.  From there my love of physics and math led me to combine those interestes into a pursuit of Structural Engineering.  I have been designing structures ever since!  I live in West Chester, PA with my wonderful wife and four children.

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